Fun With My Brother’s Friend



To really tell you how much fun I had that summer I was 1*, I have to back up to before my fun with a
stranger in the park. It was right after my ex dumped me. Instead of eating a shit ton of ice cream in
my PJs all summer, I kind of unleashed my sexual side.
The first time it was unleashed was a week after the breakup. I was watching a movie with my
brother and his friend Cody in my room. My brother was only a year older than me so growing up we
shared the same friends. I was sitting up at the head the bed, Cody was laying across the middle, and
my brother was sitting on the edge at the bottom.
As we were watching the movie, I realized it had been awhile since I had sex. Since I didn’t have a
boyfriend, I started to become scared I wouldn’t have sex for a very long time. I don’t know if I was
just desperate or what, but I started to think about Cody’s cock and I was getting extremely horny.
Without thinking, I started rubbing his bulge with my foot.
I remember the look he gave me when my toes touched his jeans. A little bit scared and a lot
confused, but I could tell he liked it. He watched me as I rubbed it slowly, adding the perfect amount
of pressure. I could feel his cock getting harder.
“Holly,” he said. “Scoot over and let me sit against the headboard. My back hurts.”
I smiled knowing what he was thinking, and moved over. When he was sitting next to me, I reached
over and unzipped his jeans. Afraid that was too much movement, and not wanting my brother to
realize what was happening, I decided to not risk it and just rubbed his cock through his boxers.
His dick had other plans. The more I stroked it, the harder it got. Until it just popped right out of the
boxer hole thingy. At this point I was giving him a hand job, and he was starting to breathe a little
heavier. I think he was close to cumming because he grabbed my hand whispered for me to stop.
I listened but gave a naughty smile and laid down with my back toward him.
We continued to watch the movie for a bit until he moved behind me. He wasted no time. He rubbed
my ass though my shorts a couple of times before reaching in front and unbuttoning them. Once
unbuttoned, he stuck his hand in my shorts and panties.
He found my clit instantly! He rubbed it very softly. It felt amazing, causing me to arch my back and
put my ass right against his lap. I could feel that he was still hard.
I reached my hand back and found his cock. I started to stroke it but the bed was jerking, and my
brother told us to stop moving so much. So Cody started to thrust back and forth while my hand
stayed still.
While he was doing that, he reached lower and started fingering my pussy. I don’t think he was
expecting how wet I was because once he reached the opening I heard him say, “Oh my god,” under
his breath. This did not continue for too long because at this pointed I needed his fucking cock.
“Sorry bro,” I said to my brother. “I’m going to move a lot. I need to get comfortable.”
Super annoyed with me he said, “Go ahead.”
I slipped my shorts and panties off one leg. He grabbed my hips and pulled me even closer. Then he
spread my ass cheeks apart and slid his cock deep inside.
He couldn’t thrust too hard, but where he lacked in speed and force he made up with in depth.I know
I had NEVER had anyone in me so deep! I fucking loved it! He would slowly take it out to where I
could only feel the head, then slowly stick it back as deep as his cock could go! He was kissing the
back of my neck, and running his hands under my shirt, up my stomach and to my breast. I was
surprised at how wonderful it felt even though we were going so slow.
Then, my brother’s cell phone rang. It was super dark in my room, but I good see my brother’s
silhouette looking down at his phone.
“Shit. Pause it,” he said. “I have to take this call.” And he left the room.
“Remind me to thank who ever just called your brother!” Cody said. He turned me over onto my back,
and got right back in me. This time, much harder and faster. He was pounding my pussy. He started
kissing me. At first we kissed a little awkwardly. It was our first kiss after all. But soon our kiss
became passionate, and our lips fit perfectly. I could feel myself about to cum.
“We are going to have to stop. I don’t have a condom,” he said.
“Mmm fuck no! Not yet. I’m too close. Let me cum first!” I replied.
He fucked me for like five more seconds and I came suddenly, letting out a loud moan as I did so.
He jerked out his cock. “Shit I’m about….”
Right as he took it out, he came. I could feel his cum all over my pussy.
“Shit I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help it!” he said, looking super apologetic.
“Don’t be!” I reassured him. “It actually feels kinda good! Its all warm and wet! I like it! At least it
wasn’t in me!”
He gave me another kiss and said, “I’ll go get you something to clean it up.”
“Good idea,” I said.
He got up, zipped up his pants, and walk toward the door. He turned around and looked at me laying
on the bed, legs spread, pussy covered with jizz.
“Your pussy looks nice covered in my cum.” He laughed.
“Thanks!” I said before he walked out.


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