Sexting Mom

I was gathering up my purse and searching for my keys when Eric came into the kitchen. I tried to gauge his mood, but it was hard for me to tell for sure. After what I had done with him last night I wanted to spend a little time with him to make sure he was all right, but I was already running late as it was.

“Good morning, sweetheart.”

“Mornin’, Mom.” He sorted through the cereal boxes noncommittally.

I paused halfway out the door. “You okay?”

“Sure.” He gave me a thin smile that seemed genuine, but I wasn’t certain. I’m sure I was just projecting my own anxieties onto him. He had never been a morning person, so I shouldn’t be expecting him to be bouncing around like a happy little bunny just because I sucked him off in the middle of the night.

“I’ve got to run,” I said apologetically. “Would it be okay if I texted you later?”

“Yeah, of course.”

His first-thing-in-the-morning monotone left me uncertain. I wasn’t going to let it bother me. I was on top of the world, and I was sure Eric was just feeling a little awkward facing me after the intimately forbidden things we’d been doing together lately.

The recent developments in our relationship filled my thoughts as I drove to work, breaking a number of traffic laws to get there on time. My general policy has always been to talk things over whenever there was a problem. Communication is the key to any good relationship. But I had to confess that I liked how Eric and I weren’t openly speaking about our perverted forays over the line with each other. If I had followed my usual policy, our unseemly adventure would have likely been talked to death before it even got started. And, based on the outcome of my marriage, what did I know about good relationships anyway?

The Monday morning crunch kept me running up until lunchtime. The fast pace had me feeling invigorated, and I was ready to take on the world. A good-looking new commercial client even hit on me once I’d finished setting up his account. This was a first! He said something about how the “sexy librarian” thing I had going on was working for him, and asked if he could give me a call. I politely declined, but I would have happily given him my number if he wasn’t a customer. And if I wasn’t in the middle of a torrid sexual affair with my own son.

In the few free moments I did have, I found myself surreptitiously looking through the naked pictures of Eric’s cock and those of my own pussy. I knew I was only torturing myself, making my pussy increasingly horny with no way to relieve the building tension down there. I couldn’t resist, though, I was becoming addicted to our homemade porn.

I wanted to go relax in my grassy sanctuary during my lunch break, but I didn’t have time. It was take-out at my desk instead. As I ate, I brought up the picture of my darling son’s penis again–the one where the tip was all covered with cum. I was as entranced with it as the first time I saw it. I know what that cum tastes like. The thought made my pussy tense up with grasping desire.

Peggy poked her head into my office, squawking about something or other. I just smiled and nodded, amused by the fact that she had no idea I was looking at my boy’s cock at that very moment as she babbled away. I had the brief fantasy of showing her the picture just to see if I could actually shock her speechless for once.

She soon toddled away, off to complain to someone else about whatever. I returned my full attention to Eric’s penis. I was glad I was wearing a jacket so no one would be able to see my nipples straining to rise under my blouse. I typed a quick message.

Thinking of you.

I was about to put my phone aside, figuring Eric was probably in class and wouldn’t see the text for some time, but he buzzed me right back.

same here

Between classes?

lunch in the caf

Is there anyone with you?

some of my friends – y?

I don’t want them to see my messages.

hold on

I still held out hope that we’d be able to have these types of conversations face to face at some point, but for now this seemed to be the best way for us to communicate. Especially when it came to our illicit activities.

in a boy’s room stall now

I just wanted to see if you were upset about what I did last night.

not upset

You must be feeling something. It’s okay to be honest with me. I won’t be mad.

it was incredible mom


but did u do it cause u wanted 2 or bcause u wanted 2 make me feel better 4 what I did?

That took me aback. My son was much more insightful than I was giving him credit for. I would never have considered this as something that might be on his psychological radar. I needed to get out of the habit of assuming he was still thinking like that little boy I had known for so many years.

Honey, I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t want to. And I wanted it very much.

not just bcause u felt sorry 4 me?

I did also want to make you feel better – that’s what moms do.

it worked – u made me feel REAL better!

Just remembering the sensation of Eric’s cock in my mouth was making me squirm in my desk chair. I could feel the warmth increasing between my legs.

So you liked the way Mommy sucked your cock?

maybe too much

That didn’t sound very promising.

How do you mean?

i think about u 24/7now – i feel weird 4 being obsessed with my own mother

I don’t want you to feel weird about this, honey.

All my doubts and fears were bubbling to the surface once again.

is there something wrong with me 4 wanting u so much?

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re a normal, horny teenager. That’s all.

But what was my excuse?

sorry for freaking out on you like this

I understand perfectly. If you want to slow things down, or stop all together, that’s okay.

i don’t want 2 slow down at all – unless u do…

I chewed my lower lip–a nervous habit I thought I had conquered over a decade ago. Was he trying to get me to be the responsible one here, and put an end to this sordid business between us? Did he need me to be the strong one and ‘make’ him do what was right? Or was he only saying that because he thought it might be what I actually wanted? I couldn’t waver here. I had to make a decision.

I want you to be happy and do what feels right for you. But, I don’t want to stop either.

it’s confusing – but i guess it’s okay – it like it and i’m very happy


and i’m very hard

Are you serious? In the boy’s room?

i have it out – i’m thinking about last night

About how my lips were wrapped around your lovely penis?

it was so awesome mom

You mean how I licked the tip of your cock and ran my tongue up and down it?

can’t believe i’m jerking off at school

Keep stroking, honey – but don’t cum yet. Hold on.

It was my turn to find somewhere more private. I hurried to the ladies’ room and locked myself into the last stall. I unclasped my black, pin-stripped pants and lowered them to my thighs, spreading my knees to keep them from falling all the way down. I pulled my moist panties down a little so they wouldn’t get soaked.

I’m touching my pussy.

no way? at the bank?

In the bathroom fingering myself and picturing you playing with your cock right now.

I stood facing the toilet and masturbated furiously as I waited for his next message.

can i ask u something about last nite?

Of course.

after i came in ur mouth what happened to it?

I was barely able to pull my hand away from my cunt to respond.

You filled up my mouth with cum, and then I swallowed it. Every drop.

WOW – that is so friggin hot! i didn’t know that was something girls even did!

Only the nasty ones!

I attacked my pussy with renewed fervor. I wanted to be able to take my time and enjoy this afternoon escapade, but I had to hurry up and cum before someone came into the bathroom and spoiled it. My legs trembled and my pants ended up dropping down to my ankles. I didn’t care at that point and rubbed my twat even faster.

Next time, I want to lick your balls and suck on them.

sounds fun! i want to lick your pussy mom and taste you

You want to suck your mommy’s cunt and make me cum with your mouth?

yes! i’m about to shoot – say more!

Mommy wants to fuck your face and let you swallow all my pussy juices…

while I stroke your big cock and make it squirt for me…

so I can lick up all your hot cum as you suck my clit!

My thighs were slick with my wetness. I pressed hard against my stiff nub and worked it roughly. If someone walked in I wasn’t sure that I would be able to stop. It would be instantly obvious that I was beating off my pussy right there in the stall.

i just came on the floor – big blobs all over! haha – now it’s your turn mom

think about my cock

going inside your vagina

sliding in and out

while I suck your tits

and grab your ass

Oh, God, he was adorable. My orgasm fired off to the dreamy fantasy of Eric fucking me. I thought of him spurting his cum deep inside of me. My body suddenly clenched, hunching me forward as I played out my climax for all it was worth. I slumped to the side, leaning against the cool metal divider wall for support, and slowly returned to earth.

i would use my cock to get you to cum

So adorable.

You just did, sweetheart.

excellent! best lunch period ever!

Same here!

I struggled to get myself together, pulling up my undies and pants. I hoped the scent of my sex wasn’t as heavy in the air as it seemed to me.

late for class – gotta run – love u 4ever!

I closed my phone, squared myself away, and stepped out of the stall. Gina walked into the bathroom just then and I did my best to appear composed, even though my pussy was still alive with the occasional residual flutter.

“Hey, Cheryl,” the petite, yet busty, young teller greeted me with a bright smile. “Why do Mondays always have to suck so hard?”

She clicked past me on heels too high and too thin for me to even attempt on a night out, much less at work. There was no denying the provocative effect they had on her shapely calves. Gina was a classic Italian beauty, with huge, to-die-for eyes, and a body that reduced most men to leering fools when she was near.

“Better hard than soft,” I quipped without thinking about what I was saying.

She looked back at me over her shoulder with a scandalize expression of shocked amusement. “I can’t argue with that,” she giggled, not quite knowing how to take my out of character comment.

I rinsed my hands as Gina went into the last stall. Maybe she wouldn’t notice the lingering aroma of my pussy. Or maybe she would, and become aroused by it. Maybe she didn’t really have to pee and was only going in there to rub one out herself.

Why was I even thinking that? Was giving in to one taboo going to create a domino effect of perversion and bring on thoughts of other deviant behaviors? I hurried back to my desk before I could have any more indecent ideas involving another woman.

Eric would probably love to fuck Gina. What a sight that would be. That hot little slut squatting on my son’s hard cock, riding him with that tight young pussy of hers. Her ass would look amazing in that position. I could just see Eric pulling out at the last second and spraying hot cum all over her firm butt. He would motion me over once he was done, and watch me lick his spunk up off of Gina’s ass, being sure not to leave a single drop behind–even the one that trickled down between her cheeks. Then I’d suck his spent cock, all covered in her pussy’s nectar. After I finished cleaning him off, she’d turn around, straddle my boy, lower her cunt onto his stiff penis, and I’d watch those big tits of hers bounce as she fucked him again, masturbating myself shamelessly with Gina’s gorgeous, dark eyes on me the whole time.

Holy. Fucking. Shit! I couldn’t do this! I couldn’t go there, not even in my mind. Ideas had power. I believed that now more than ever, and that was one idea I had to steer clear of. I went to the door of my office in time to catch a glimpse of Gina leaving the ladies room and heading back to work. The sway of her smoking hot ass was all it took.

Moments later, I was back in the last stall, getting myself off to the thought of Eric watching me suck Gina’s nipples while she fingered my pussy. I was in trouble.

Big trouble.

* * * * *

Eric wasn’t back yet from basketball practice by the time I got home. I headed straight to the bathroom and got undressed. The cool air felt good on my pussy after being stuffed in warm, wet panties all day. I climbed into the shower and relaxed under the refreshing spray for a good ten minutes.

I ran my hand along my thigh and decided I could use a quick shave. I’m lucky that I don’t have much hair on my legs, but it’s always nice to have that silky smooth feel. As I made one last quick pass with the razor over my shins, I paused to consider my bush.

There was a time when I made an effort to keep my pussy hair neat and trimmed, but I hadn’t bothered since Eric was in diapers. It wasn’t like I had an out of control beaver running wild down there, but it did look a little scary in some of the photos I’d been taking of myself. It seemed like as good a time as any to do a little bushwhacking.

I began gingerly tidying up around the edges, and wondered if Gina shaved her pussy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was bald down there. Holy Hell, I was doing it again. I was not attracted to women in a sexual way at all. So why was I trying to picture what that little hottie at work had going on in her panties? I was turning into a rampant perv.

Standing in front of the mirror on tiptoes I checked out my handiwork. It looked better, but it was still too much. There was a lot to be said for leaving something to the imagination, but there was also an argument to be made for flaunting it if you got it.

Very carefully I worked the razor up each of my outer lips using quick, short strokes. I held my breath, dreading the possibility of having to use a Band-Aid down there. My apprehension about what it would look like melted away as my vulva was gradually rendered bare. I never thought about it much, but for the first time in my life I could now see my pussy as something beautiful rather than just a necessary biological component of being a woman. I never would have imagined my son would be the one to bring this out in me. No one ever made me feel like as much of a woman in every way as he did.

A cute, triangular patch remained on my mound above my slit. I smoothed some lotion on my newly exposed skin, and was sorely tempted to gratuitously apply some directly to my throbbing clit. I forced myself to resist, wanting to save that for later. I reapplied a touch of eye make-up, and a hint of lip gloss. I left my hair as it was, pulled back and clipped up in a tight coil behind my head.

I picked a light summer skirt with a faint flower pattern. The material was so thin that when the light was behind me you could see the silhouette of my bare legs all the way up to where they met. I decided not to bother with undies tonight. To go with the skirt, I selected a white sleeveless silk blouse that buttoned up the front. The one time I had worn it I realized that due to the loose fit I was inadvertently giving anyone who cared to look down the front, or from the side, a free peek at my bra as I moved around in it. That wouldn’t be a problem tonight, since I wouldn’t be wearing a bra.

I checked myself in the mirror. I was a breezy and fun gal from the neck down; a motherly librarian from the neck up. I would resolve that odd contrast later.

When Eric got home I had his dinner ready for him. Teriyaki salmon with rice and sweet corn–another one of his favorites. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek and sat down to his meal. He told me about practice, and the upcoming playoff game. There was a drug sniffing dog at the school, and three kids got busted. Danielle is now going out with a college ‘douche,’ and acting all snobby about it. I became absorbed in his world and wanted to know every inane detail.

At the same time, I couldn’t stop watching him eat. There’s something about seeing a man enjoy the food I made for him that turns me on in a very strange way. Some primal nurturing drive, I suppose, but I only ever noticed it with the men I cared for. I watched him wolf down another big bite and secretly enjoyed the tingle it gave me in my womanly places.

As I cleared the plates, I was careful to not give him much more than a quick glimpse down my shirt. He may have caught the curve of the side of my breast, and maybe even a blurred flash of the dark edge of an areola, but not much more. I wanted to tease him, not give away the whole show.

“I rented a movie. Want to watch it with me?”

“One of your old movies?” Eric asked with a sour face.

“No.” I gave him a playful swat on his shoulder and caught a whiff of the tantalizing stink of the sweat he’d worked up at practice. “That one you said was funny, American Pie.”

“Okay, sure,” he agreed readily.

I’d picked that one because I knew it had some racy scenes in it, and I was pretty sure it was the movie that helped popularize the term M.I.L.F. Seemed like a potentially stimulating film for a mother and son to share.

I settled in on the sofa in my usual spot as Eric loaded the movie into the DVD player. I was disappointed when he sat on the love seat instead of next to me. I soon noticed how his choice of seat allowed him to steal glances at me without being too obvious about it. It was cute that even though I had given him permission to look at me in any way he liked, he was still acting shy about it.

Right after the boy in the movie got caught masturbating by his mom and dad, I tucked my legs up on the sofa next to me and let my skirt ride up my thigh a little. It didn’t take Eric long to notice. He’d seen me in a bathing suit on many occasions, but this seemed somehow so much naughtier.

Not long after that, I broke out my ‘move.’ I reached up and undid the clips holding my hair and let it fall. I felt like I was in one of those silly shampoo commercials, but when I shook out my twist, and ran my finger through my hair it really grabbed his attention, and I felt like a sexy super-model instead of a librarian. I became distracted, however, when the scene of the foreign exchange student changing in the boy’s bedroom came on.

Eric and I were both focused on her gorgeous young breasts. When she looked at herself in the mirror and patted her belly, I felt the juices begin to flow. By the time she found the dirty magazines and slipped her hand down into her panties, I was ready to join her!

And based on the evident contours within Eric’s basketball shorts, so was he. I picked up my phone from the end table next to me.

This is making me horny. How about you?

hells yea

I can’t stop thinking about your penis.

i can’t stop thinking about ur everything

Any chance I might be able to get a peek at it?

u want to see my penis?

I just want one little look.

right now?

Only if you want to.

He glanced over at me with a sly grin.

What do I get?

I undid the top button of my blouse.

I’m sure I can come up with something.

I let my fingers graze across the tip of one of my breasts, provoking my nipples to rise noticeably beneath the silk. Eric eyed me hungrily, then slipped down his shorts.

He had on boxers underneath that were tenting almost comically. Parting the fabric at the front, he threaded his erection through the fly. And there it was. On display in the flesh just for me. I’d seen the pictures, and I’d had a look at it in the shadows of his dark room, but now it was out in the open in the full light of our family living room.

My son’s cock.

I gawped at it with what must have been a dopey smile plastered on my face. I might have even licked my lips. It was the most perfect penis I’d ever laid eyes on. And it wasn’t just because he was my boy. Well, maybe that was part of it.

You look so sexy with your cock out like that.

it feels funny doing this in front of u – what a rush!

Thank you for showing me.

should i put it away now?

You can leave it out…if you want.

I began slowly unbuttoning my blouse. He watched my every move, remaining perfectly still except for the occasional twitch of his stiff dick.

I undid the last button, and traced my fingers up and down from my tummy, along the center of my chest to my throat, and back down again. I turned my attention to the movie, as if that was as far as I was going to go. I let the moment draw out until I could almost feel him about to bust, then I nonchalantly opened my blouse all the way, revealing my naked breasts.

Eric let out a shuddering gasp that almost made me laugh with giddy excitement. I pulled my shoulders back as casually as I could, giving him an excellent view of my chest. He tapped out a quick message.

mom your tits are EPIC!

I wouldn’t go that far. They’re much too small to be ‘epic.’

they r exactly the right size and ur nipples r amazing

Not better than the girl in the movie though.

yours r a million times better – i love them like crazy

I couldn’t deny that I was eating this up. It had been so long since I had felt this wanted. I gave in to the nagging urge I’d had all night and pinched one of my nipples right in front of my son. I gave it a little pull and a twist before letting it go, then did the same to the other. Eric was practically drooling on himself.

Should I put them away now?


I’ll leave my little titties out, but only if you let me see your big balls.

u have got 2 b the horniest mom possible!

He quickly put his phone aside and worked himself out of his boxers. He lounged back, trying to be cool about it, and let his legs fall open. My gaze followed the lines of his muscular thighs up to his sizeable balls. I had always been of the opinion that testicles were just about the ugliest part of a man’s anatomy, but I couldn’t get enough of my son’s. I wanted to touch them, and play with them, and run my tongue all over them.

How does a 16-year-old boy get such a great cock?

must b ur genes

Always the sweet talker. I gave him a smile. He smiled right back. We both knew how uniquely exciting this was, to be sitting in our living room, exposing our bodies to one another, and taking uninhibited pleasure from it.

I wanted to jump on him and feel his cock filling me, but I also wanted to draw out the stimulating game we were playing for as long as I could stand it. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my rising lust overwhelmed my self-control.

We each made the pretense of glancing at the movie now and again, but neither of us cared what was happening on the TV. I began to lightly caress my breasts, circling a fingertip around the perimeter of a taut nipple, letting my nails dance across the bared flesh of my modest swells. His eyes darted to me again and again, unable to leave my body for more than a few scant seconds.

Tentatively, his hand inched toward his impressive manhood. His touch flittered along the rigid shaft of his cock; a coy testing to see what it was like to touch himself under his mother’s attentive watch. I favored him with an encouraging wink. Eric touched himself again, more self-assured this time, even going so far as to fondle his balls briefly.

I picked up my phone and noticed his cock jump in response.

I want to show you my pussy. Would you like to see it?

He read the message and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. I think he re-read the message twice more to be sure it really said what he thought it did.


I’m worried you might not like it.

i liked the pictures – A LOT

Maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea. What we’re doing now is already bad enough.

It was cruel of me to torment him like that, but the stricken look on his face was precious.

i showed u mine so u should show me yours

That’s a game for kids.

i’m still a kid remember

Good point. Okay, I’ll let you see, but keep in mind that I’m an old lady.

stop saying that all the time!

Just warning you that it’s got a lot of miles on it.

i don’t care – i already love it

And also, it looks a little different now than it did in the picture.

His perplexed look told me that he didn’t know what to make of that. I tried to calm my nerves and stay in the moment. I wanted to remember every second of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. This one time, at band camp, I showed my son my pussy…

I inched my flimsy skirt up my legs and I noticed the nice luster they had from the lotion I had used after shaving. Eric’s eyes were riveted to me. I flipped the front of my dress up and gave him a quick flash–too quick for him to see anything. He gave me an exasperated look. So cruel.

I was still sitting on the sofa with my feet tucked up toward my right side and so I was leaning on my opposite hip. My knees were together, and Eric was over to my left. My heart rate jumped as I drew my hem up and exposed what remained of my bush. I could see Eric’s breathing noticeably quicken, and I imagined his pulse was running as fast as mine.

With the way I was sitting, however, he really couldn’t see much except for my trimmed patch of curly hair down there.

Do you want to see more?

He fumbled for his phone, nearly dropping it.

yes please

I spun my skirt part way around and undid it. I lifted my butt and pulled the dress from beneath me and dropped it on the floor, leaving me in just my unbuttoned white blouse. I shifted, bringing my legs around so both my feet were set on the center cushion of the sofa and I was facing Eric instead of the TV. Slowly, I moved one foot out and placed it on the edge of the coffee table. My legs were spread, and my son had a direct view of my freshly shaven cunt. And boy was he viewing!

I’d never felt so close having an orgasm without anything touching me down there. It was terrifying and liberating all at once. I was exposing the most intimate part of my anatomy to my son as I watched his cock flex and stand up even straighter than before. It was dizzying

u shaved! ur pussy is even sexier than before

I almost wanted to hear him say the words out loud, but I kept with the rules of our game.

I was hoping you’d like it.

did u really do that just 4 me?

I guess I did.

He got caught up in staring at my naked pussy, forgetting his phone for the moment. I tickled my fingers along the insides of my thighs, and ran them through my tuft of hair. I looked down at myself and was able to see why he found it so fascinating.

My outer lips were plump with arousal, bowing out slightly more than they would normally. The hairless skin all but gleamed in the steady light of our living room. In between my swollen curves, my usually shy inner lips were peeking out, their pink ridges reaching out just enough to hint at the sensual secrets that still lay hidden. I noted that if I had left myself all hairy down there, this alluring sight would have been obscured. I couldn’t see the lower area of my pussy, but I could feel the liquid warmth beginning to surface, and I suspected Eric was able to see the evidence of that.

Having fun looking at Mommy’s pussy?

His phone ‘twinged,’ but he didn’t respond at first, obviously reluctant to take his eyes off of my obscene display even for a few seconds.

i can’t even tell u how excited i am right now

Did you ever think you’d be hanging out naked with your mom like this?

not in a million years – i’m the luckiest kid in the world!

Would you like to have a better look?


Come over here, right up between Mommy’s legs, and take a closer look.

He quickly dropped his phone and stood. I slipped off my silk blouse and put it beneath my butt. It might not do much, but I didn’t want to leave a big wet spot on the sofa. Eric followed my lead and pulled his t-shirt off, leaving us both completely naked. It was all I could do to keep from hyperventilating with excitement.

Eric carefully made his way toward me, his cock jutting out before him and leading the way like a horny dowsing rod. I once again noticed the athletic grace of his movements; the effect heightened by his nudity. He loomed over me and my little boy suddenly seemed bigger than ever. Not yet full grown, but enough of a man in his own right.

He knelt down in the narrow space between the couch and the coffee table, right between my open thighs. My son’s awestruck face was only a matter of inches from my pussy. The unreality of the situation was enough to make me lightheaded. My entire body was filled with a yearning ache for him.

I watched his eyes devour me. I greedily soaked in the unrestrained admiration. I loved him so much, and in that moment I was able to recognize how fortunate I was to be able to give him this gift. The gift of the very body that gave him life, sustained him, and brought him into this world. The gift of his own mother’s loving cunt.

At least a minute passed, maybe more. I was growing restless with a mounting urge. He looked up at me, meeting my eyes, and breaking out in a conspiratorial smile. My son knew we were doing something forbidden, something a mother and her boy aren’t supposed to do and aren’t supposed to want. We were partners in this lascivious crime of perverse proportions.

I could also see that he wanted more. My hidden secrets were beckoning to him.

My hand drifted downward, sketching a sinuous path from my naked breasts to my coiffed pubic hair. I toyed with my furry patch for a moment, then slid my hand lower. I drew a manicured nail along the length of my sensitive outer labia under my son’s intent stare. I fiddled playfully with the tips of my inner labia poking out from their crease.

I reached down with my other hand, lightly placed my fingers on either side of my moist slit, and after a dramatic pause, spread myself for him. I eased my lips apart, opening my pussy and exposing my every intimate secret to my adoring son.

His reaction was priceless. He didn’t know what to do with himself. His eyes widened, he mouth fell open, and he gawked at my brazen exhibition with naked lust. God, it felt good to be able to turn someone on like that again.

I held my cunt open, perfectly content to let Eric take it all in for as long as he wanted. Now that I was spread wide, I could feel my juices flowing freely, dribbling down over my butt and onto the silk shirt under my ass.

He looked up at me, wanting to say something, but not wanting to break the spell of our silence. I puckered my lips and threw him a little kiss to let him know I understood exactly what he wanted to say without having to hear the words. I decided to give him the full tour.

I ran a finger from the bottom of my pussy to the top, carrying a liberal amount of my wetness along its length. I traced the contours of my inner lips, first one, then the other. I pushed them to the left, and the right, then laid them open again. My inner labial lips were not especially large, but I delicately pinched each one at the same time and pulled.

There was a tickle of pain, but I liked it. I stretched the pink petals of my pussy as far out as I could, and spread them as much as I was able without hurting myself. I’d never done this to myself before, not even in private. It felt vulgar and thrilling, and I wanted to give my son a show he would never forget.

I tugged and twisted my lips in various ways, then let them snap back into place. I patted my vulva tenderly while my abused flesh settled down. Eric looked like he wanted to attack me and ravage my body. Goosebumps spread across my skin at the thought of it.

Next, I used two fingers to part my outer lips near the top. My clit stood hard and proud. I could tell it was too sensitive to touch at the moment. I carefully nudged it from the side, and did what I could to make it protrude as much as possible. Placing a finger at the top, I eased back my protective hood, revealing my engorged clitoris to him.

I wanted to flick it, and play with it, but I knew if I did it would be more painful than pleasurable at that point, so I had to be happy with brandishing it at him like the tiny little phallus that it was. After he’d gotten a good long look, I moved on to the next attraction.

My fingers shifted down to the lower extreme, and I gently parted the southern portion of my pussy. More of my natural juices leaked from me when I did this and caused my inner muscles to clench with anticipation. I circled a finger around my opening, not sure how I wanted to proceed.

I wanted Eric to see all of me, but I didn’t really want to give him a full gynecological demonstration. Say hello to Mommy’s cervix! But I did want to give him a good idea of what it was all about down there. Just because this was the most exciting sexual experience of my life up until this moment, didn’t mean that it couldn’t also be educational.

With a calming breath, I relaxed and spread myself a little more. I wanted to avoid giving him a gaping view inside me, and managed (I believe) to provide him a pleasing presentation of my vagina without frightening him. His astounded expression said it all.

Just to be sure he got the whole story, I dipped one of my fingers into my hole. I swirled it around my wet entrance a few times, then slowly pushed it deeper. My son watched my finger disappear to the first knuckle, then the second knuckle, and he couldn’t contain himself.

“Whoa…” He glanced up at me quickly with an apologetic look. He was so cute. I just smiled back, assuring him that everything was all right.

My finger reached as far as it could and I drew it out wet and glistening with pussy cream. I pumped it in and out some more. I was actually fucking myself right in front of my son. This was too incredible.

I added a second finger, and he let out another small moan. I played with my hole, occasionally pulling my fingers all the way out and spreading it open for him. The wet slurping noises coming from me down there sounded especially loud for some reason. My tour was at risk of degenerating into a full-on masturbation session, and I forced myself to stop touching my pussy before I reached the point of no return.

I wanted to say something to him, but I didn’t want to be the one to break our unspoken rule. I didn’t want to text him because he’d left his phone on the love seat and I wanted him to stay right where he was between my legs. I had another idea.

I grabbed my phone and tapped a message with my slippery fingers. When I was done, I held my phone out to him, and showed him what I had written.

Enjoying the show?

He nodded enthusiastically.

Is your cock still hard?

He gave me a look like it was the most ridiculous question he’d ever heard. I giggled.

Do you want to jerk off to your naked mom?

He nodded again, and I thought I detected some color come to his cheeks.

Okay, you can look at my pussy and masturbate, but you have to stand up so I can see.

Eric stood up immediately and my tummy fluttered when his beautiful cock came into view. God, I’ve never wanted something so badly in all my life.

And be careful not to cum on the new carpet.

He nodded obediently and grabbed his erection. I noticed that the TV was still on, and turned it off with the remote. This time, when the screen when black, I could see the shadowy reflection of the lewd scene my son and I were playing out. Me lounging naked against the arm of the sofa, legs wide; Eric standing nude and preparing to masturbate to the sight of his mother’s body. With the TV off, the silence between us became more pronounced, broken only by the tick of the clock on the mantle and our nervous breathing.

I massaged my breasts, turning my attention from the reflection to the real thing. I looked up at my handsome boy, the smooth planes of his torso showing the promise of his developing muscles. His strong thighs, flat stomach, and broad shoulders made him a contender for a role in one of the trashy novels I had become fond of over the past few years. I got a hot surge when I tried to imagine how much more appealing his physique would be at eighteen, twenty, and beyond. I didn’t know if I would ever have the chance to take this sort of pleasure from my son’s body as he completed his journey into manhood, but I was certainly going to enjoy it now, before he discovered the delights of all those young girls I could never hope to compete with. Like Gina…

Eric stroked himself slowly, impressing me with his control. I would have been surprised if he wasn’t on the verge of cumming even before he touched himself. We both wanted this to last, but I suspected this round would be over quick.

My hips gyrated seductively as if of their own accord. His attentions flitted from my tits, to my crotch, down my legs, back up to my tummy, further up to my tits again, then to my face. If my expression matched only a small measure of the rapturous feeling that was suffusing me, he would easily see how much I was loving this.

I reached down once more and peeled my lips open for him. His hand quickened on his cock. I picked up a coating of my juices on my fingertips and brought them to my mouth. I licked the warm wetness from them, sucked them clean, then went back for more. This time, I held my dripping fingers out to my son.

Incredulous, he quickly bent forward before I could withdraw the offer and took both my fingers into his mouth. His tongue tickled as it ran over and between my fingers, not leaving any trace of my essence behind. That was my final straw; I’d restrained myself for as long as I able. I pulled my hand away from him and brought it to my heated pussy.

I began finger fucking myself with one hand, while pressing my clit with the heel of my other hand. My nub was far too inflamed to rub, but the proximate pressure was all it would take to get me there. Another moan escaped my throat, and within moments I was assailing my cunt with unrestrained passion. I was masturbating wildly right in front of my son, and I was practically delirious with joy.

I had masturbated with him while texting, and had let him spy on me pleasuring myself, but this was a decadent treat so far beyond either of those it was unbelievable. There was no embarrassment, no shyness, and not an ounce of self-consciousness. I felt that I could do no wrong in his eyes, and that he was infinitely grateful for whatever I shared with him. He was not judging me, or playing any mind games like all the other men I’d been with before.

Eric trusted me like no other person in the world did, as no other person could. He was my child and I was everything to him. He accepted and loved me despite my imperfections. I felt free to express any desire to him, no matter how base or perverse. He was part of me, and therefore would understand, knowing that I was part of him.

I masturbated my pussy, and he masturbated his cock. Most people hold that making love is the most intimate act two people can share, but I didn’t believe that. Although I never revealed it to another person, I believed that masturbating in front of your partner is the ultimate height of intimacy.

One way or another, we all learn that masturbation is an intensely private thing. To be done alone, furtively, without ever speaking of it. Embarrassment, shame, and guilt are attached to this behavior in equal measures, and often drive us to desperation. When we’re young we fear that we are freaks or perverts for being unable to resist touching our genitals. We are sinners or deviants for taking such pleasures from our own bodies. When confronted we deny, when approached we hide, when caught we lie. Masturbation is the pernicious secret we each hide from one another over all the years of our lives.

So, when you are able to share this definitively private act with another, that to me is as intimate as you can possibly be with another person. But not when it’s merely a performance for the amusement of your partner. It has to be that same selfish act that you perform in dark rooms and hidden places by yourself. It has to be for your own pleasure. Rubbing, fondling, stroking your own cock or pussy to bring yourself the ecstasy of orgasm as only you know how. To be secure enough to do that in front of your lover is true intimacy.

I watched Eric’s hand shuttle easily up and down his hard shaft. I noted the casual familiarity with which he handled himself and could tell he was well versed in the art of pleasuring himself. I continued to writhe before him thrusting my fingers quickly in and out of my slick pussy hole. He suddenly released his cock, letting it go as if were burning his hand.

Eric steadied his breathing, and I could tell he was doing everything he could to hold off from ejaculating. After the moment of crisis had passed, he still didn’t chance touching his primed cock, and instead handled his dangling balls while he watched me candidly molest myself. By the time he once again took his prick in his hand, clear liquid was seeping from the tip. I wanted so badly to taste it.

I lifted my ass, bringing my pussy up towards him, and spread my hole wide, no longer reticent about my son seeing my vagina yawning open. Maybe it was profane and somewhat disgusting of me to expose myself so crudely, but I wanted my son to know the depths I was willing to go to with him.

With my gaping cunt splayed open right in front of him, Eric was unable to pull his hand away from himself this time. His face got that faraway look as he beat off faster. Even at the impending moment of sweet release, he still had the presence of mind to remember my instruction. He cupped his hand beneath the head of his cock to avoid getting any of his semen on the carpet. I couldn’t let him do it.

I bolted upright, slapped his cupped hand aside just in time to catch his first spurt on my lips.

“Oh, fuck!” he cried out and continued jerking his cock.

The next spurt flew into my open mouth all the way to the back of my throat. Eric leaned forward, putting the erupting head of his penis between my lips and pumped several more servings of cum directly onto my tongue. Once I was convinced his balls had given up all they were going to, I leaned back with my reward.

I resumed masturbating myself, and gathered his load onto the center of my tongue. I opened wide so Eric could see that I still had his fresh seed in my mouth. He just shook his head, unable to believe his mother could really be this nasty, and grinned happily. My son watched, lightly stroking his unflagging erection, as I swallowed down his thick wad of sperm. I opened my mouth again to show him it was all gone.

With his taste still strong on my tongue, I brought myself the final distance. Three fingers in, and the butt of my palm rubbing tight circles against my clit for a matter of seconds was all it took. My boy looked down at me while my body jumped and twisted with the throes of a ferocious orgasm.

The overpowering sensation took control, stealing away my awareness of everything else around me. I was pulled inward while at the same time I felt my whole self expanding to fill the room. It was over in an instant, but time had become an insubstantial concept. My vision swam and everything seemed to be farther away than it actually was. Perhaps it was simply a matter of a lack of oxygen getting to my brain, but it felt otherworldly.

I laughed. I didn’t know why I was doing this lately after I came. Maybe it was from the surprising intensity of the moment, or just a joyful expression of how happy it made me to completely release myself like that. Maybe I was a little embarrassed at what I’d done once I regained a fraction of my sanity.

Eric was looking at me with rapt adoration. I realized that I still had some of his cum on my chin. I decided to leave it for the moment. I marveled at how his cock was as stiff as it had been when we started. The magic of youth. There was a smear of semen around his little slit. I sat up and took the head of his cock into my mouth.

I licked the remnants from the tip and played my tongue around his tiny hole. I scraped my teeth lightly over his spongy flesh as I pulled away, and gave it a small kiss before lying back again.

Eric looked me over. He appeared to be making his mind up about something. I waited breathlessly to see what it was. My son dropped his gaze down between my legs. I must have been a mess down there, wet, swollen, and rubbed red. I didn’t feel at all self-conscious about him seeing me like that. For someone who up until then was only comfortable having sex under the covers in the dark, this was a major transformation.

My naked boy sank to his knees. I suspected he wanted me to show myself off again for him. Instead, I waited to see what he would do if left to himself.

His hand touched my leg, and it gave me a pleasant startle. His fingers drifted along my inner thigh toward my pussy. An expectant shiver rippled through me. Was he going to touch me there?

Eric’s nervous touch traveled away to my knee. I tried not to show how crazy his inadvertent teasing was making me. Then the teasing came to an abrupt end.

His head ducked in close, and just like that my son’s tongue ran up and over the opening of my vagina. By the time I realized he’d done it, he was doing it again. I wasn’t sure I was ready to let him do this.

I reached down, intending to push him away, but instead found myself pulling his face into me. My eyes rolled back as his inexperienced mouth began its explorations of my pussy. I knew then that this was going to be a long night.

A long, and glorious night…for both of us.

* * * * *

My son’s mouth was all over my pussy.

I looked down to where his head was nestled between my open legs and watched my sweet, innocent boy eagerly sucking my cunt. I ran my fingers through his hair and gave in to the unreal fact that Eric was actually eating me out at that very moment.

The fact that he wasn’t doing a very good job of it didn’t even matter to me. There would be plenty of time for me to teach him. What really mattered was that we’d reached this forbidden place together, and that I was allowing myself to embrace it. There was not a single moment in the entire experience of my life where I would have considered what I was doing to be acceptable. It was sick, perverse beyond description, and unquestionably illegal.

And yet there I was, naked on my living room sofa with my 16-year-old son suckling my achingly erect clit. A part of me insisted that I had to stop this, but I’d never felt so much love for my boy as I watched him licking at the juices flowing from my vagina. And I’d never felt so much love from him. If this was the most egregious sin a mother could commit, then why did it feel so damned good in every way?

Eric looked up at me through the veil of curly locks hanging down over his forehead without taking his mouth away from me. I pushed his hair aside and gave him an encouraging smile. There was a hint of a question in his eyes. I merely nodded in silent answer, letting him know that he was doing a fine job of pleasuring me.

His oral explorations went on for nearly twenty minutes. He had me close to orgasm at least twice, but, just as I got near, his tongue would wander and leave me hanging somewhere between delight and ecstasy. I fought the urge to rub my clit as he tongued my hole. I wanted this to be about him discovering the womanly mysteries at his own pace, and not about my selfish need to cum.

His cheeks felt velvety smooth when they brushed against my inner thigh. Even so, I couldn’t help looking forward to the day that I would feel the prickly scrape of his whiskers down there.

I got a pulse of tingles in my tummy. Eric was swirling his tongue around the rim of my opening, then he dipped a bit lower, licking up some of my juices from the nether space below my vagina. It gave me a real charge, and I was surprised to realize it was because I thought for a second that his tongue might actually make its way down even farther toward my backside crease.

No one had ever licked me there, nor would I allow it they had wanted to. But suddenly the thought of my son’s tongue on my virgin butthole was at the top of my wish list. I could never ask him to do something so disgusting, however. As if what I was doing wasn’t bad enough, asking him to lick his mother’s ass was beyond the depths I’d already lowered myself to.

He sucked on one of my inner lips, pulled back a little, and let it go. This was repeated with my other delicate petal of flesh. His playful experimentation felt wonderful, and I could have gone on like that for hours, but I had a rising need for my son’s cock.

I sat up, putting my hands at the sides of Eric’s shoulders, and nudged him to indicate I wanted him to stand. He pressed his face more firmly into the softness of my sex, loathe to give up his newfound plaything. The increased pressure brought me a renewed jolt of pleasure, almost changing my mind. I nudged him again, more insistent this time, and he pulled away with a disappointed sigh. He wouldn’t be disappointed for long.

With his cheeks rosy and shining with my wetness, he stood, bringing his erection to my eye level. Just seeing it was enough to give me that happy quiver inside. I glanced up, giving him my best attempt at a sultry look. Then, without breaking eye contact, I slipped my lips over the mushroom head of his cock. He watched as half the length of his hard cock disappeared into his own mother’s mouth. He’d felt this before, but now he was seeing it for the first time.

I’d always been very self-conscious about my partner watching me as I performed fellatio. My mother had warned me that it wasn’t something a proper woman did, only whores; and no decent man should ask his wife to do such a filthy thing. My husband had asked for it, and after a time I submitted to his begging in order to reconcile my obligation to be a dutiful mate. I couldn’t help feeling that it was a dirty, undignified act. There had been no joy for me in performing oral sex, beyond the satisfaction of pleasing my husband, and I never became very good at it. Everything was different now.

I wanted my son to see me sucking his cock. I wanted him to see how much I liked it. How much I loved it. I needed for him to know how badly I wanted his penis in my mouth. And how good it made me feel to suck him, lick him, and taste him. For him, I was a very willing whore.

My son’s cock glided in and out between my lips. My tongue massaged the sensitive underside of his erect penis. I could taste the hint of pre-cum leaking from him. Eric’s soft tip probed deep, nearly gagging me. But I maintained my control.

I paid attention to the sensation of having his cock in my mouth. It was my turn to explore and discover. I had always been too squeamish and put-off to take the time to really feel it before. It wasn’t something I was supposed to enjoy, but my son had taught me different. The soft skin of his shaft was silk against my lips. The flared rim of his glans slid enticingly along the roof of my mouth. The tip of my tongue teased the threshold of his tiny opening. I took my time, absorbed every nuance I could, assured that if there was anything I missed I would find it the next time I held him in my mouth. Or the time after that…

I was ready to make good on my earlier promise. I took him as deeply as I could, then eased all the way off of his length with excruciating slowness. A thin string of saliva hung suspended between his cockhead and my lower lip for a shivering second before falling away. I dipped my head beneath his shaft and found the objects of my desire.

My tongue played across his loose scrotum, and his testicles rose in response. I gently licked and kissed Eric’s wrinkly pouch. Soon he calmed enough that his balls relaxed back down to dangle heavily in front of my face. With my nose nuzzled in his pubic hair the scent of his sweat was thick. I was suddenly very thankful that I didn’t insist that he shower after basketball practice as I almost had. A whore like me deserved stinky, sweaty balls in her mouth. The salty tang of his dried perspiration came alive on my tongue.

I found Eric’s right hand, and placed it on his hard cock. Instinctively he gripped himself. As I continued licking his balls, I moved his hand up and down. Once he got the idea, I let go and he went on stroking himself.

After a few more soft licks, I began sucking softly on one of his balls. It felt bizarre, but wonderful at the same time, and from the moan I heard above me I was doing something right. I gave his other one a light suck. His fist began to move faster on his erection. Perfect.

My hands were resting on Eric’s thighs, and soon they found their way up to his buttocks. I massaged the strong muscles of his rear end, and kept at my oral ministrations. I sucked one of his balls entirely into my mouth and savored the taste and feel of it. He was masturbating vigorously, being careful not to hit me in the face with his pumping fist. I could tell he was getting close and I grabbed his ass tighter, making sure he couldn’t pull away. I worked his balls with my mouth more aggressively as his jerking approached its crescendo.

Eric let out an extended grunt and I felt a spurt of his cum land on top of my head and seep into my hair. I tilted my face back, while still holding one of his balls between my lips, allowing the bulk of his spunk to ooze down and land on my forehead. It was so decadently satisfying the way his warm sperm kissed my face. More dribbled down over his knuckles and dripped onto the bridge of my nose. I couldn’t contain myself any longer.

I released his testicle from my mouth and licked my way up his creamy knuckles to the engorged head of his cock. I clamped my lips around the tip of his prick and sucked all the remaining white goo from him. Despite having just had a mouthful of his salty spunk, it gave me the same wicked thrill to actually be eating my boy’s semen like some kind of insatiable cum slut.

Leaning back on the sofa, I used my fingers to gather the cum from my face and then licked my fingers clean. I did this under the watchful gaze of my son. When I was done, I looked up at him half-expecting to find an expression of disgust or revulsion at my depraved display, but he still had that hungry look of lust about him. The moment stretched between us, neither of us sure where it would take us next.

My son’s cock had drooped slightly, but remained thick and hard. His eyes traveled down my lounging body, over my bare breasts, past my naked belly, and stopping at my exposed pussy. I loved how consumed he was by it–like he couldn’t get enough of it. His penis hardened back to full strength. I reached down and parted my lips, once again giving him the full, unobstructed view of my most private places.

I guess he took this as a signal, and he was suddenly lowering himself on top of me. By the way he was positioning himself, I realized he meant to enter me. As much as I wanted this myself, I couldn’t let it happen. I had obviously lost the better part of my discretion over the past week, but there was still something inside me that resisted the idea of letting our affair go to that level.

His hard cock was spearing toward my wet cunt and I had to twist my hips to avoid penetration. I pushed against his chest, but was unable to budge him. My son pressed his body down, his penis sliding up the inside of my thigh, homing in on my pussy. I fought the urge to let him have his way, to feel him filling my emptiness, to open myself fully to him. It just wouldn’t be right.

I began to fear that I wouldn’t be able to stop what I had started. Despite Eric being not quite as tall as me, he was clearly much stronger. As he strained to wedge his hips up between my thighs, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to physically stop him from fucking me. This gave me a breathless thrill. I could continue to fight him, but he would take me nonetheless. It would be out of my hands. I wouldn’t be the one who was responsible for letting my own son fuck me. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to fool myself.

“Eric, no.” My words were quiet but firm.

I cringed to hear myself using my ‘mom voice’ on him in this situation, but my authority as his parent was my only defense. If I’d lost that by getting naked with him and showing him my pussy, by letting him lick me and by sucking his cock, then I was in trouble. If I’d lost his respect, then he was going to force his cock into me and fuck me. I somehow knew that as much as I tried not to, I would orgasm, and he would own me from then on.

Eric relaxed his passionate assault, and let me push him back some. I looked up into his confused eyes.

“Sweetheart, no, not that,” I said with a small shake of my head to emphasize my seriousness.

The confusion turned to hurt in an instant. It broke my heart, and I wanted to laugh and say I was only joking, and pull him into me and wrap his cock in the warm, wet embrace of my intimate depths. Before I could change my mind, or say anything more, he was off of me and walking away. The sudden rush of air against my hot skin made me shiver.

He snapped up his things, and I could tell by his clipped movements that he was upset.

“Don’t be mad,” I offered meekly. But he stalked away toward his room before I could say anything more meaningful.

I lay there on the sofa, trying to convince myself I had done the right thing, but, with each insistent throb of my aroused pussy, my doubts increased.

I tried to put aside the self-pity and think of my son. My first job as a mother was to take care of him, not to simply satisfy my own needs and desires. I hauled myself up and gathered my own things and headed down the hall the way Eric had gone. I considered leaving myself dirty, but decided it was best if I wash the remnants of my son’s cum from my face.

I was about to close the bathroom door, but then realized there was no need. I stood at the sink and rinsed my face, then brushed my teeth, half hoping that Eric would come out of his room and find me standing there naked.

Once back in my bedroom, I thought about putting on pajamas, but didn’t. I was still horny, and thought about masturbating, but didn’t. I got into bed, picked up my book, then put it back down. I wasn’t going to be able to sleep. I turned to my phone.

Please don’t be upset with me.

I hit the send button and waited, staring at the tiny screen of my cell phone not knowing if he would even respond.

It was several long minutes before that welcomed buzz sounded.

u act like u want to do it – then u say no – wtf?

I know, honey, I’m sorry for sending mixed messages, but we can’t do that.

did i do something wrong?

No! You were wonderful, but a mother shouldn’t do that with her son.

but she can masturbate with her son? and suck his dick? and spread her pussy open?

I felt the first tear run down my cheek. He was right. I was being horrible. Leading him on with all the selfishly incestuous things I was doing with him, then almost arbitrarily drawing the line at letting him make love to me. I was really fucking this up.

No. You’re right. I shouldn’t be doing any of those things with you.

but u r! so y can’t we do everything??

I thought we were having a lot of fun with just what we were doing.

it’s way awesome mom – but it makes me want 2 fuck u so bad!

There was no denying that it gave me a tingle between my legs when I read that. Was I being unfair? Would it really be that bad to let him have me I the way he wanted? The problem was that I just didn’t know. I didn’t even know what consequences going as far as I had with him would have. I didn’t want to undermine our relationship with these perversions, and it seemed that letting my son become my lover in every sense of the word was something that we could never come back from. If it went wrong, it could mean losing him forever. I wasn’t ready to risk that.

I understand that, sweetheart, but we simply can’t let it go that far.

i want 2 put my cock in ur pussy and fuck u and cum inside u

We can do other things instead. I promise to suck you off whenever you want me to.

i want 2 fuck u so hard and make u cum all over my cock mom

I’ll let you lick my pussy and finger fuck me anytime you feel like it.

i don’t want to just finger fuck u – i want to COCK fuck u!

This wasn’t going well at all. I only seemed to be upsetting him more. He wanted it in the worst way, and all I was doing was making him more frustrated.

I’m sorry. I know this is difficult, but I love you and I need for you to trust me on this.

He didn’t respond. I wiped my cheeks dry and waited anxiously. I wondered if he might come through my door at any second and try to forcibly cock-fuck me. What would I do if he did? Would I fight? Would I give in? I knew the answer before I even asked myself the question.

all i want is 2 have sex – but whatever…

Please don’t be mad at me. I only want what is best for you.

After ten minutes I gave up waiting and got into my pajamas. What started out as a glorious night ended up not so spectacular after all. I wanted to be upset with the selfish, disrespectful way Eric was behaving, but I knew I was to blame. He was the teenager, and I was the adult. This was all my doing, and I couldn’t expect him to handle this like a grown-up. Hell, I certainly wasn’t acting like a responsible adult in all of this. I knew that I had to give him a little space and let him come to terms with things in his own way. I had made a lot of mistakes over the past week–a lot of very big mistakes–but I had to believe that drawing the line at not fucking my son wasn’t one of those mistakes.

The last thing I remembered thinking about before falling asleep was how cute my boy looked down between my open legs sucking my pussy.

* * * * *

The next day at the bank, everything seemed to be annoying me. The customers, my co-workers, even the wallpaper was getting on my nerves. I knew it was because Eric was still upset with me–he wouldn’t even look at me this morning as I was leaving for work–but that didn’t make it any less annoying.

Everything changed when Gina stopped by my office.

“Hi, Cheryl,” she said. “I love that top. Where’d you get it?”

I looked up from my desk, happy for the distraction, and couldn’t help but notice how Gina’s cleavage flirted with the extreme boundaries of professional attire.

“I honestly don’t remember,” I answered, knowing that she must have noticed how I was staring at her luscious boobs.

“You know what? I love your style, we should totally go shopping together some day.”

“Sure,” I responded without even thinking.

Gina and I had never exchanged much more than a casual ‘hello,’ and all of the sudden I was agreeing to go shopping with her? As Eric would say, WTF?

“Who’s that?”

She was referring to the picture of me and my son that I had on the credenza behind me.

“Oh, that’s my son, Eric.”

“What a cutie! You two look so much alike.” It might have been that I had too much sex on the brain, but the way Gina smiled at me seemed more flirty than friendly. “He must drive all the girls crazy.”

“He’s growing up fast,” I said lamely, wondering if she could tell something untoward was going on between him and me. I was being paranoid. There was no way she could possible suspect that just last night my face was covered with gobs of my own son’s warm sperm.

“This new thong is bothering the heck out of me.” Gina wiggled her hips uncomfortably and made a sour face. “I’ve gotta go take it off before it drives me crazy.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. Without waiting for me to think of what to say, she gave me a cute little wave goodbye and headed for the ladies’ room. For the rest of the day I was finding excuses to go out to the counter area where Gina and the rest of the tellers worked. I couldn’t stop sneaking peeks at the way her hip-hugging black pants stretched tight across that firm, round ass. Knowing that she had no panties on underneath gave me an extra thrill. Never in my life had I been sexually attracted to another woman, but the wetness in my own panties was telling another story.

But even Gina’s gorgeous ass, enviable breasts, and inviting lips didn’t make up for the fact that Eric hadn’t texted me at all that day. I was tempted half a dozen times to send him a message, but I held back, knowing that when he was in a bad mood it was better to let him come to me in his own time. The problem was, for once I feared that time might not come.

When I arrived home, the lights were on but the house was quiet. I assumed Eric still wanted to avoid me, which made me sad. I kicked off my shoes and headed to my bedroom. There was a towel lying on the floor in the hallway outside the bathroom. I picked it up, wondering if it was some sort of defiant message. The towel was damp. He must have come home and taken a shower before leaving. I carried it with me to my room where I was startled to find Eric.

He was naked, kneeling on my bed, and masturbating. He was jerking off with a pair of my panties wrapped around his hard cock, and he was holding another pair in his free hand. He looked up at me. Though I was surprised to walk in on him like that, he seemed to have been expecting me. Without any hint of a smile, he lifted my panties to his nose and sniffed them. That’s when I noticed the lid of my hamper was standing open. He was using my dirty underwear.

I didn’t know what to do. My first thought was that he had forgiven me and we were going to return to playing our naughty games together, but something about the look in his eyes did not signify forgiveness. I found myself wanting to text him to find out just what he was thinking, but it wasn’t practical. There was no hiding behind the safe distance of our phones.

It wasn’t very long ago that I would have completely freaked out upon walking in on my son beating off in my bedroom with my used panties, but everything was different now.

“Would you like me to help with that?” I asked as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“I don’t need your help,” he said, trying to sound snide about it, but coming off more sulky. “We don’t want to let things go too far.”

He threw my own words back at me like a weapon meant to wound. I deserved it, but I didn’t want to let him see how much it hurt.

“Is it okay if I get changed while you’re playing with yourself?”

“I don’t care.” He pumped his cock harder. “Do whatever you want.”

It might have been better for me to have just walked away and let him finish alone, but the shameful truth was that I wanted to see him masturbating. Even though he was acting out some sort of vengeful punishment against me, I was hopelessly turned on the moment I saw him naked on my bed. Eric’s angry treatment of his own cock only added to my sick enjoyment of the scene that was playing out between us. Which, I began to understand, may have been his ultimate purpose.

I watched him press my dirty panties to his nose and breathe deeply as I walked into the room, unbuttoning my blouse. He may have achieved his goal to make me realize what I would be missing out on by denying him sex, but I had spent the past 16 years soothing my baby’s hurts and this was my opportunity to put my motherly skills to the test.

I was wearing a plain, white padded bra, nothing particularly sexy, but he couldn’t resist stealing looks at me as I tossed my shirt into the open hamper. I turned my back to him and unzipped my sensible, navy-blue skirt. I shimmied out of it, turning my hips provocatively from side to side in the process. Bending forward, I lowered my skirt to my ankles. I could easily have let it fall away, but I wanted Eric to get a good look at my backside.

Next, I peeled off my pantyhose, taking my time, bending over again to show off my bare thighs. I could hear the speed of Eric’s stroking slow. He was pacing himself, trying to draw it out. It was all I could do to keep the smile from my lips.

I slid the straps of my bra off my shoulders, flipped the cups down, spun it around, and unhooked it. After dropping my bra into the hamper, I was left in nothing but my panties. The panties that Gina had me soaking in all day long.

When I turned, Eric looked away, not wanting to surrender his fa‡ade of pissed-off indifference. I squeezed my breasts, and gave them a little jiggle. It always felt so good to let them free after a long day. I stood and candidly watched Eric pleasuring himself. I could detect a hint of self-consciousness tainting his movements. He was beginning to lose sight of the original intention for this insolent display of his.

I took a few steps toward the bed, making it more difficult for him to avoid seeing me, and slipped a hand down between my legs. I rubbed myself through my panties, infusing them with even more of my intimate essence. Try as he might, he was unable to resist looking.

His internal struggle was obvious by the way the set of his jaw contrasted with the longing in his eyes. He wanted to punish me, but he was inflicting just as much pain on himself.

Without a word, I pulled my panties down. I ran my fingers through my pubic hair, fluffing it up after being flattened all day, and then picked up my moist underwear from the floor. I moved around to the side of the bed and climbed up onto it behind Eric. As I hoped he would, he remained where he was.

Like him, I was up on my knees, and I edged forward until my naked body was pressed against his back, my trimmed bush tickling the crack of his flexed ass. I took the stale pair of panties away from him.

“Do you like the way Mommy’s dirty panties smell?” I whispered in his ear.

Reluctantly he nodded.

My hard nipples pressed into his back. I held the pair I’d just removed out in front of his face.

“Do you want to smell your Mommy’s dirty pussy?”

He nodded again.

“Tell me.”

He hesitated. I pushed my hips forward, pressing myself tighter against his naked butt.

“Yes,” he breathed.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes…I want to smell your dirty pussy.”

I teased him for a few moments more, then gave him his reward. I put my panties over his nose and mouth and let him take his fill of my womanly fragrance.

“You like that, my nasty boy?” I kissed his shoulder as he nodded. “I know you do.”

After a day of worry, frustration, and lusting for another woman, my need for release was running high. Nothing made that fact more obvious than the wetness trickling down the insides of my thighs. My cunt was as eager to be fucked as Eric was to fuck it. Nevertheless, I had to stick to my convictions. To many it may seem a distinction without a difference, but I felt that I had to cling to that one last boundary or else I would lose control completely.

I reached around and gently took Eric’s hand away from his erect shaft. I unwound the silky knot of my panties from it, leaving his penis naked and exposed. I traced my fingernails lightly along his length, then curled my fist into his curly pubic hairs.

“Would you like me to help with that?” I asked again, this time in a seductive voice that betrayed my unwholesome desire.

“Yes, Mom…please…”

I put my hand between my own legs, dipped two fingers into my hole, and drew out as much of my natural lubricant as I could. I reached around and smeared this onto my son’s cock. I went back to my pussy twice more, gathering and smearing, until Eric’s penis was slathered in my slick cunt juices.

I wrapped my hand around his hardness, gripping him tight, and began to stroke his cock. Despite my firm grasp, my hand slid easily up and down his hard-on. His hips made small thrusting motions so that he was fucking my fist in time with my movements.

“Does that feel good, sweetie?” I licked the ridge of his ear. “Does it feel good when Mommy rubs your big cock for you?”

“Oh, fuck, Mom….please…”

I stroked him faster, almost feeling like it was my own cock that I was jacking off. I pressed myself tighter against his back, willing myself to melt into him. He was part of me, and I wanted to be part of him.

“Do you want your Mommy to make her big boy cum?” The dirty talk seemed to flow out of me as easily as my juices did. The things I had only been able to say while sexting were now coming out of my mouth, and I became bolder with each filthy utterance. “You want me to jerk you off and make your cock cum, my dirty panty sniffer?”

“Please, Mom! Make me cum!”

I went back to my cunt and scooped up some more of my own pussy cream. I’d intended to spread it on his cock, but instead found myself pushing my dripping fingers into Eric’s mouth. He sucked on them enthusiastically.

“That’s it, darling, taste Mommy’s pussy. You like the way my cunt tastes, don’t you?”

“Mmm hmm,” he murmured and sucked harder. After he had gotten it all, I pulled my fingers away, and held my open palm in front of his face.

“Spit!” I told him. “Hurry!”

He obeyed without question and spit into my hand. I then grabbed his cock again, adding his saliva to my own slippery juices already coating his prick. I tucked my dirty panties into his mouth, and moved my freed hand down to cup his balls. My fist beat up and down his straining erection with rapid strokes. Eric’s moans were muffled by the soiled underwear that I’d gagged him with.

“Cum, baby! Cum for Mommy! Show me how far your big cock can squirt!”

His body shuddered, his balls clenched, his cock swelled, and a jet of cum shot from the end of his penis, flying over and beyond the footboard of my bed and landing somewhere on the carpet. I never imagined such a thing was even possible, but a second spurt erupted immediately after and took the same trajectory. I squealed with delight and kept jacking him as fast as my burning arm allowed.

Eric heaved his hips forward, and unleashed another spurt, then another. He was cumming all over my comforter, but I didn’t care. I’d never seen anything like it, and I wanted more. His cock issued another squirt, and I thought that was the end of it, but two more squirts followed. I massaged his balls, and milked the remaining jism up through his pulsing shaft. It spilled out in a thin white trail that dribbled over my fingers.

I’d been with only three men sexually during my life. I’d gotten them off by giving them handjobs, or blowjobs, or letting them fuck me, but I realized at that moment that it had only ever been a mechanical achievement for me. Making my son cum as I just had was anything but. It wasn’t my hand, or his cock, or the way I stroked him. It was my connection with him. It was my heart, my love, my passion that made him cum. My words, my breath, my soul. There was no denying that it was carnal, animal lust, but it was unquestionably so much more.

I hugged him tight, still holding his cock and balls in my hands. His sweat mingled with my own as our hot flesh pressed together. My heavy breathing fell into synch with his. I didn’t want to ever let go, but I had to answer the mounting demand between my own legs.

“Mommy has to cum now,” I murmured. “Will you help me?”


“Suck my tits for me while I masturbate. Will you do that for me, sweetheart?”

I sunk back and reclined against my pillows. Eric turned and watched me spread my legs, and go at my pussy without waiting. I could see him weighing his chances of getting his cock into me.

“Suck my nipples, baby. Please.”

This snapped him out of his daze. He stretched out alongside me, pinning his erection against my hip, and kissed my left nipple. Goosebumps rose immediately. His kisses became licks. It was almost too good for me to believe.

I masturbated my pussy with shameless abandon. There wasn’t a trace of inhibition as I openly pleasured myself right next to my son. I rubbed my clit and fingered my vagina freely while my boy suckled at my breast. How had I gone my whole life without knowing the joy of such true intimacy?

His licking graduated to suckling, and I arched my back in an involuntary expression of the ecstasy he induced within me. I’d never had any sex that was near half as good as this, and it was little more than me touching myself and having my nipples sucked. I couldn’t even conceive of how phenomenal it might be to deliberately make love with my son.

“I want to fuck you, Mom,” he muttered as he moved his mouth from my left nipple to my right.

“I know you do,” I panted without slowing my hand. “But we can’t, sweetheart.”

“I want it so much.” His plaintive words were more wistful than insistent.

“So do I, baby.” He mouthed my nipple roughly and I could feel the edges of his teeth. “It’s too wrong. This is bad what we’re doing, but that would be more than bad.”

“I don’t care.” Eric was becoming more aggressive with my breasts. His mouth roaming away from my nipple, exploring down to the plump flesh of the underside, then around almost into my armpit. I expected that tomorrow morning I would find them covered with hickeys–a concern I hadn’t thought about since high school.

“I’m sorry.” I scooped up some of my juices and swabbed them onto each of my nipples. Eric went for them immediately and I returned to fervently working my clit. “I can’t let you. I can’t let you put your cock in my pussy.”

He sucked the tender flesh of my nipple harder, and I felt my orgasm welling up from deep within.

“A mother shouldn’t fuck her own son,” I babbled on the edge of insensibility. “You shouldn’t put your cock in me. I can’t let you fuck my pussy.”

“I want to fuck you, Mom!”

“No,” I groaned as I approached the apex, “you can’t fuck your mommy. You can’t fuck Mommy’s cunt. You can’t fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt! My cunt! My cuuuuuunt!”

I screamed this filthiest of words as I brought myself to climax. My hips rose off the bed and Eric went from one nipple to the other and back again as fast as he could. My vision pulsed and the room spun. Every muscle in my body contracted at once. For a fleeting moment my existence was reduced to being nothing more than a palpitating pussy. My cunt was me, and I was my cunt. And then my universe instantly expanded with a sudden explosion of euphoric elation. It was one orgasm on top of another wrapped in a third, all at once.

Eric clung fast to me as I thrashed and cried out. My thrashing lessened to a writhing, and my cries quieted into moans. With a heaving chest, I finally gave in to a relaxed paralysis, my moans fading into a long sigh. And still the room was spinning.

“Feel how wet I am,” I whispered.

My son’s hand skimmed over my belly, through my pussy hair, and between my lips. His strong fingers went straight to my hole and plunged inside. He explored my sopping canal, probing deeply, twisting to the left and then to the right, experiencing, learning.

“Let me have a taste,” I begged.

He put his drenched fingers to my lips and I licked at my own cum. I sucked his fingers into my mouth, and cleaned them as he had done with mine. It was deliciously wicked, and I couldn’t seem to get enough of this new delight.

“I have to cum again,” Eric informed me. He moved down between my legs and got up on his knees again. “Spread your pussy for me, Mom.”

I was only too happy to oblige him. I opened my legs wider and pulled my outer lips apart. My son fixed his gaze on my splayed twat and began jacking off to the sight of it. I loved watching the way his hand moved on his cock.

“That’s it, baby, stroke that big cock for me.”

I lifted my legs, reached around the outsides of my thighs, and spread myself open from this new angle. He could now see absolutely everything. Not only could he see my clit, my lips, and my open vagina, he could also now see my asshole for the first time.

“You like jerking off to Mommy’s cunt, don’t you?”

He stayed focused on the treasures displayed before him and didn’t respond other than by beating his cock faster.

“Can you see Mommy’s asshole? Look how I’m spreading my ass for you, sweetheart.”

He shuffled himself a little closer–close enough to get his cock into my gaping pussy hole before I’d be able stop him. I wasn’t afraid. I knew I could trust him.

“Do you want to cum on it? Do you want to squirt your cum all over your mother’s tight little virgin asshole?”

It was only a matter of seconds before he was spraying streams of fresh semen directly onto my wantonly proffered anus. It was beyond surreal. It was only two nights ago that I had become daring enough to look at myself back there for the first time, and now I was holding my ass open and encouraging my son to jizz on my butthole. I had no idea who I was anymore, but it definitely felt good to be me at that moment.

Eric fell onto the bed next to me as I lowered my legs and enjoyed the squish of his sperm between my cheeks. Neither of us spoke. My mind gradually returned to normal, and second thoughts began assaulting my conscience. Did I really just say all those crude things out loud? In front of my teenage son? The embarrassment swelled to a kind of indistinct panic. I wouldn’t let him fuck me, but it seemed I was willing to let him defile me in just about any other way.

Before I could order my thoughts and think of a way to explain this to Eric, he leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, and then headed for the door with a cheery grin.

“Want me to make you something for dinner?” I asked before he was out of sight.

“Sure, I’m starving.”

I watched his naked butt disappear through the doorway and found myself wondering what his asshole looked like these days. My God, I was hopeless!

Grudgingly, I forced myself off the bed. I was feeling so relaxed I could have easily gone straight to sleep. As I moved around, picking up the various pairs of my dirty panties scattered everywhere, I could feel Eric’s cum squelching deep in my intimate creases. Instead of wiping myself clean as I should have, I slipped on a fresh pair of undies over the whole nasty mess.

I didn’t bother with a bra. Tucked away in a drawer I hadn’t been into in a while, I located a somewhat flimsy, sea foam blue camisole with spaghetti straps that I hadn’t worn in years. I pulled it on and smoothed it down over my body. It was snug in just the right places, and flowed loosely in others. It fell halfway down over my rear end, and the shadows of my dark nipples could be seen through the thin fabric. Just the sort of thing a mother should wear while she’s fixing dinner for her strapping young son with the sex drive of a freight train.

My phone buzzed and I was suddenly smiling from ear to ear.

sorry about acting like an a-hole before

You’re lucky I love you so much or it would be hard to forgive you.

i’ll try not 2 b a jerk 2 u any more

Thank you, sweetheart.

btw that was totally mega hot what we just did

I’m afraid I let myself get carried away. Sorry if I was too raunchy.

no way! i loved it! especially how u talked so dirty

It was exciting to hear him say that, but I had to wonder if I was setting unrealistic expectations for him. Would he think that all women acted like foul-mouthed whores in bed?

I’m not usually that way, but I can’t help being filthy like that with you.

and it was awesome how u spread ur pussy and ur butt 4 me

I can’t help being a slut around you.

GOOD! haha -i love seeing the way that u masturbate ur cunt

It gave me a guilty thrill to see him using the word ‘cunt’ with me for the first time. This was a textbook case of corrupting a minor.

And I love seeing how you stroke your hard cock.

masturbating with u is probably 100 times better than sex with girls my age

I was meandering around my bedroom as we exchanged messages, and I stepped on something wet. I looked down and realized it was the spot where Eric’s cum had landed on the carpet. I was still in awe that he could shoot that far. It would probably leave a stain, but I didn’t have the heart to clean up his mess, and decided to leave it for now.

You might be right.

but I still want 2 have sex with u mom

Let’s just have fun without worrying about that for now – ok?

i’ll try

That’s my good boy. I’ll see you in the kitchen, sweetie.

I checked my hair in the mirror, gave my nipples each a hard tweak, and headed out to make dinner in my skimpy outfit, curious to see how long Eric would be able keep his hands off of me.

Not long, I hoped!

* * * * *

Things were slow at the bank. I normally hated days like this because they dragged by, but now I didn’t mind so much–it allowed me to spend more time entertaining all the dirty thoughts that were festering in my brain these days.

Out in the teller area Gina was wearing a pair of form-fitting Capri pants, and a crimson blouse with a ruffle collar. It was a tastefully appropriate outfit, but that body of hers made everything look just a little slutty. I tried to convince myself that I only enjoyed looking at her and that was all. But looking invariably led to wanting. I wanted to see more, and I wanted to touch her.

This certainly gave me a vivid insight into how Eric must feel when he sees my pussy but can’t put his cock into it.

The two of us had a lovely dinner of hot dogs and potato chips the night before. He came out to the kitchen shirtless, wearing only a pair of baggy sweatpants. He was tenting the front of them as soon as he saw me in nothing but my panties and slinky camisole. He sat at the table and watched me make his food like a hungry lion watching a piece of fresh meat that was just out of its reach. I loved how every once in a while he would grab himself through his sweats and rub it a little.

We had a nice chat, and I didn’t mind a bit that his eyes were mostly on my tits instead of my face. It gave me a real boost that he stayed hard the whole time we were eating.

As I was cleaning the plates at the sink, Eric came up behind me and kissed me on the neck. It sent scintillating shivers all down my spine. He pressed himself close, and I could feel his erection against my backside. He reached around and his hands lovingly wandered over my belly and chest while his lips continued to nuzzle my neck. It had never taken me so long to wash and rinse two plates, and a pot. I didn’t want that moment to end.

But it did, when I couldn’t resist any longer and turned. I kissed my boy on the lips, still unable to believe that he would soon be taller than me, then I lowered myself to my knees in front of him. I slid his sweatpants down, releasing his hard cock, and took him into my mouth.

I knelt there in my kitchen and sucked my son’s penis until he was once again shooting a load of cum down my throat. There wasn’t much left after our earlier fun, but it was enough to make both of us very happy.

“Earth to Cheryl.” Gina’s voice brought me back to the here and now. She stood just inside my office doorway with a sly grin on her pretty face. “Looks like you went away to somewhere naughty.”

“Sorry? What?”

She pointed coyly to my chest. I looked down and saw that two tiny bumps were evident pushing up through my shirt. This was what I got for wearing one of my sexy bras instead of a practical padded one to work.

“No…I…” As I stammered for an excuse I made the mistake of trying to smooth them down, which only made my nipples stiffer. Oh, God, I was actually touching my tits right in front of Gina. I quickly pulled my hands away, leaving my excitement blatantly on display.

“Anyway,” she went on with a teasing lilt, “me and some of the girls are going to Diablo Jack’s for drinks after, wanna come?”

This took me by surprise. “Oh, well, I don’t know if I should…”

“Come on,” she urged. “I want to find out what you’re like outside of this place. It’ll be fun.” She looked at my chest after saying that–not a quick flick of the eyes, but an obvious look. “Dollar margarita night for the ladies.”

“Maybe I’ll stop in for one drink,” I hedged.

“Awesome!” She seemed genuinely thrilled. “I’ll let you get back to your daydream,” Gina said with a wink, “give him a kiss for me.” She paused at the door and turned back with a mischievous look, “or her…”

With that she was gone. The light scent of her perfume lingered, and without thinking I thumbed the small swells of my nipples through my clothes right there in my office. I thought back to the way she said ‘wanna come,’ and pinched the tips of my breasts, hard. It might have only been wishful thinking on my part, but she certainly wasn’t being shy with me.

I wanted to touch myself right there at my desk, but I knew I’d never get away with it. I stood, deciding that I desperately needed to sneak into the ladies room and finger myself after that encounter. My desk phone rang and I considered not answering. When the caller ID indicated it was the regional vice-president, I reluctantly sat down and answered it.

As he babbled on about quarterly index blah blah whatevers, all I was able to do was wonder what it would be like to taste Gina’s pussy.

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