A Single Dad -1

It had been a long month for all of us. Adjusting to the kids being with me permanently and their crazy mother totally out of the picture definitely had some ups and downs. At 12, Aubrey was the oldest and a lot of the slack in terms of helping with her younger brothers fell to her. I felt bad about that but really didn’t know what else to do. Sometimes she acted just like a little kid and other times she was the perfect mother.

I imagine it didn’t help the thoughts I was having about her as I watched her roll around on the floor in her Hello Kitty nightie, watching it ride up her hips, exposing her little white panties. or when I would catch her running naked from the shower to her room because she had forgotten her clothes. Those glimpses of her beautiful firm, budding body guaranteed I would be walking around with a painful hard on for the rest of the night. Lately I had taken to sneaking into her room after she was asleep and sliding the covers back so I could look at her while I stood there stroking my cock, imagining what her lips would feel like wrapped around it.

But tonight the boys were spending the night at their grandparents and I had promised Aubrey a reward for all her help. We started the evening by stopping at her favorite ice cream parlor and ordering a huge chocolate sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top. She happily sat on my lap enjoying the treat as I thoroughly enjoyed the pressure of her small ass against the crotch of my jeans and the view of her newly forming tits down the front of her shirt. Watching her wrap her lips around that straw and suck was almost too much for me to stand. I desperately needed to feel her doing that to me!

I had been slowly de-sensitizing her to my body, letting her see me walking naked from the shower to the bed room, leaving the door open when I went to piss. At first she had been embarrassed but when I explained to her that I was used to being here alone and that there was nothing about your body to be ashamed of, she seemed to accept it. She had started sitting on the toilet in the bathroom in the mornings watching me shave as I stood at the sink naked, chatting about the day.

At one point I caught her looking at my cock so I decided to bite the bullet and turned to face her so she could have a full frontal view.

“I see you are curious about my cock sweetheart,” I said to her, ” it’s ok, go ahead and look at it. I know you don’t have one so of course you are curious.”

She blushed but she didn’t turn away either. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the effect of her sitting there in her nightie staring at my cock had the anticipated effect and my cock started to grow.

“Daddy! it is getting bigger!” she exclaimed.

“Yes sweet heart, it does that when something feels good and you looking at it is making me feel good. If you want to see it get even bigger, go ahead and stroke it with your hands”

I could tell she wasn’t sure about herself, but nevertheless she was curious enough to reach out and touch my cock, making it jump and swell even more. She giggled and I went back to shaving before I lost all control.

Since that morning, I took every opportunity to grind my cock against her body and sometimes when she felt it hard and poking her, she would reach back and stroke it a little through my clothes. We never really talked about it other than I would tell her how good it made me feel and what a good girl she was.

About halfway through the ice cream she must have noticed my growing cock because she started grinding her ass back against it. I moaned quietly, unable to suppress the sound. She giggled when she heard me and started grinding harder.

“Oh sweetheart, that feels so good but you are a naughty girl playing like that in public! How would you like it if I reached up your top and tweaked your little nipples right here? ” I had never touched her up to this point (well, not while she was awake anyways) and waited to see her response.

I felt her suck in her breath in surprise as she suddenly went still, my cock pressed snugly between her ass cheeks.

“Will you Daddy? I like how I feel when I touch my nipples. It makes my tummy all tingly but I bet it will feel even better if you do it!”


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